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Originally Posted by black_camaro_SS View Post
Im pretty sure the camaro in the video is a z28 because from the years 1995-2002(excluding anniversary packages) the z28's (well most) had there side mirrors painted black. Where the SS package the mirrors were the same color as the car. but please correct me if im wrong =)
I know this is a couple days late...but you said to correct you if you were wrong... :P Starting in '95 base models were given body-colored side-view mirrors! Granted there were Z28s that had black side-view mirrors...there were also many Z28s with body-colored mirrors...AND additionally, there are Camaros with the 'SS' package (aside from anniversary packages) with side-view mirrors painted black.

Honestly...I don't think the mirrors are a good way to gauge what trim level this particular Camaro was...besides the fact that we don't know whether the SS or the Z28 is going to be the highest level...or even if the Z28 will be offered...(even though they really should offer it ) I hope I'm not being offensive...

About your brother's Cherokee SRT-8...425 HP through all 4 wheels...(right??) should definitely take a GT500...because they're both heavy SOBs. But I wouldn't expect a 400 hp Camaro to take on the GT500...I hope that's not what's being assumed here...because if that's the case...there may be some disappointed people. With that said...I HOPE...the "400" hp...will be able to keep up with the GT500...but who knows

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