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Originally Posted by Ninjak View Post
Hmm you see..its quotes like these that makes me go wow...I'll let someone else comment on this..

Never mind the fact about the article..Just reply with blind Fanboism..yeah..that's the way !!!!
The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling "BS"
Competition is getting BETTER
I'm Happy Ford is putting the 5.0L in there Stang.
I'm not worried about Gm and the performance of there vehicles
im the one who always said I wish they would make the camaro
more comfortable and not look just at the performance...well they listened.
GM will respond with another engine in the future...maybe not tomorrow but they will and it will be strong.
For a company take idle time for a few years then try to make a come back with a car and step in to only put a DI V6 with 300hp in a car thats awsome.

As for the 5.0L im curious how its going to Wake up to mods if its anything like the 4.6 or 5.4 then I dont know what to say Not saying Ford cant gain power by mods just they havent gained as much with the 4.6L. that may change with a larger displacement.

The LS3 and L99 are both engines that can very easily gain power with bolts on's. A simple exhaust and tune is pushing over 35+ some companies are getting 40+ .

I'm a Chevy Fanatic and know the Financal probs that are going on.
most of my friends are Ford people and all they say is we are so far ahead of you GM folks.....Ok thats ok if you wanna think that
Lets see power wise how the new 5.0L ranks up to the LS3 especially when saying lets add an exhaust and see who gains more. Ford will be DI but by the time it gets out and pumping GM will have there own DI in a V8 as well. You seriously think GM is going to get caught sleeping when it comes to performance ? Maybe other stuff but not performance.

Weight plays a part right now but in a few years Ford will have to do the same thing as GM and dodge has had to do and thats gain weight and get up to safety standards for that time.
Maybe even put an IRS in there car.....A better IRS than the Cobra had a few years back.

I dont want this to sound like im bashing Ford im really not just saying until they prove me wrong with this new 5.0L if its built to the point like the last few engines mod's wont do that much like it does for Gm's engines.

We are all doing good right now and thats good
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