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Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
Yeah, your the lone TT LLT know my brother. I did get Ryan to snap some shots of the oil-return setup before he started tearing her down. I'll get them to you when I get them from him.

We are swapping everything from the tranny back on to the 2012 and putting the new LLT I was going to build into this one. All the suspension parts as well as the wheels/tires on of course going to be swapped. We are also going to do some custom striping, ala the COPO, so SIXJAK wasn't far off I guess.
Lol, with the COPO stripes points in the direction you want to go I assume. Would be nice to see a V6 in that territory. Good luck and I will be looking forward to this build. I have a tuning solution for the LLT in town but that is my last resort. Don't want to pay for another tune unless its the last resort. Myself and Tracy are rebuilding my cars set up soon. And I will go from there, this is going to be a interesting winter for many I see.

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