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Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
Okay, after all the battles (mostly lost) trying to tune the LLT, I have offically given up. We started working on seeing what it would take to get the ECU from a 2012 to work with the LLT, but it was just too big a project. So...

Today I took ownership of a 2012 2LT/RS LFX. Ryan has already connected to it with EFI Live and is working with them on a few tweaks for the transmission connectivity.

The plan is to do some base pulls and then let them develop a stock tune. After that we will start the twin turbo build anew.

Right now Ryan's taking all the good parts off my car to swap what we can. I'll post a link to my classified ad for the parts I can use (like ported heads, ported intake manifold, shorty headers, intake isolator, etc..), so keep an eye out for that you LLT guys.

And now for some pics of the new ride.

Attachment 437888

Attachment 437889
Wow, gonna miss reading about your LLT adventures! I'll just have to check out the new car sometime!

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