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Originally Posted by TrekGTO View Post
What’s the status of your taking delivery? What about build, it must look like Xmas at your house?
It feels like I could SPIT to my car for how close it is. Everything was put on hold for certain businesses being closed so it did not ship to the dealer yesterday. Likely today but I have to leave to D.C. until the weekend :(
Most of the parts I had directly delivered to my build shop but I'm sure it's quite a lil pile

Originally Posted by YUBslow View Post
Could you not have gotten a ZL1 with all of this? I mean you would have a warranty, magnetic ride, and exterior hotness. To each his own I suppose.
Just had a lengthy discussion about this on another thread. In short, Anyone with the $ can just BUY performance. I wanted to make the car more of my own and have a say in it. My 1LE delivered to me plus ALL parts & labor for the build, tuning taxes and shipping included for everything.....the whole 9 will cost me $52K. (I ordered just about every single option I could for the 1LE as well!)
That's still a few thousand less than a base ZL1 and several thousand less than a loaded one that doesn't have any customization to it. I've never cared less about a warranty so thats out. I'll be roughly 550WHP or more and the ZL1's have 500WHP(ballpark) The magnetic ride is not a dealbreaker IMO at all. The handling/suspension reviews for the 1LE are BEYOND spectacular so that's a wash for me. I DO love the ZL1 look and CF hood insert/cooling but again not a deal breaker.

All said: cheaper, faster(more HP anyways) and custom to how I want to start my project.....
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