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Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post
So far mine are doing well.

...they are quite literally right in front of the tires. If you look closely at the angle of approach required to hit them straight-on, you'd have already torn off the front facia.

It's kinda neat, because of the angular shape of the front of the Camaro, driving at an angle allows for a much steeper approach than most other low cars.

(and yes.......I have scraped once or twice...)

EDIT: But to answer your original question: Yes, they are functional. They divert air around the tires to help improve high-speed stability.
Beside the obvious slow and at an angle technique, are there any other tricks/stratigies for avoiding the scrapes? Twice today I carefully made it through two gutters sparing the front end only to grind the back corner.
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