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Originally Posted by Doglife1LE View Post
Did you know without unions you wouldn't have an 8 hour work day and weekends? Just a fun fact for you.

Hard to make that assumption since it could have been done without unions. In fact, there is no saying that we couldn't of had 6 hour work days and weekends off without unions.

Fact is that the job market should be a free market. If you want to work 80 hour weeks, go right on ahead. If you want to work 7 days a week, go right on ahead. I don't need a union to bargain those "rights" for me. The "average" work week should be set by the market supply and demand. Companies that offer better working hours will attract more qualified candidates. It will pit the companies against each other. The fact that unions "bargained" for 8 hour work days is no measure in any good being done because the market may have been less.
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