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Hello everyone! I just found this site, I don't know how I didn't join sooner. But after seeing a pic off of this site, posted on the corvetteforum recently I started poking around. I WILL BUY a new Camaro when they come out, no question about it. I've loved Camaros since I was young, my mom would drive me to school in her 69 RS. I vowed I would buy 1st Gen when I could afford one, so that's what I did almost 9 years ago.

This is how it looked then

This is how it looks now

After I got the 67, I needed some new school muscle to roll in for everyday stuff. I was "this close" to getting a 02 SS, but for not much more I got this

You'd do the same in my shoes! But a part of me wishes I had the 4th Gen, but when GM announced the re release of the Camaro I said to myself," Self, there's your next car!!!"

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