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Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
Rhino had to work on some other stuff Friday/Saturday, so just getting back to it. So far just tweaking the AFR and timing he's up to 262 RWHP. They are working on an issue with the throttle position below 4K RPM. It appears to be limited to 60% which is limiting the commanded torque. That may be because of the intake design, in which case they won't gain much, but if not they may be able to add some low-end power. After that they will do the VVT timing and we'll have a nice 87-octane tune. We'll then do a 93-octane tune once we put in the new in-tank pump (gotta drain the tank anyway).
The 91 octant results could be impressive! Stop it Derrick....your going to make me want an LFX. lol. But there is about 0% chance of me doing that....unless they offer Kinetic Blue for 2014....then maybe a 5% chance lol.

But in all seriousness if the LFX can do it, the LLT should be able to as well....but the Bosch is so difficult to tweak. I think this is why I may end up giving IPF my money and dumping Trifecta. They have a 91 octane only tune available, where as the Trifecta tune will still accept any octane. I've read good things about the IPF and that it outperformed Trifecta in an independant test....but that was just something I found on another forum. Hard to say how trust worthy it may be.
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