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Originally Posted by FAIRNOT LZ1 View Post
No Sun roof (moon roof) Just the strip?? Looks good, and sounds good!
Did you have to do the exaust because of the upgrades in the engine??
Or just cuz
What did you add to it... cam specs...etc and if you dont mind how much did it cost you?....ball park if you like.
Not sure if I want to do my ZL1 or keep it stock..I meen around 500 stock to sounds worth it but was it?
so 720 RWHP is what 860 to 880 to the crank? KDI has a ZL1 with the same specs.

Lets see ZR1 3350/638=5.25 lb/hp
boosted ZL1 3900/880=4.43 lb/hp
Noble m400 2337/425=5.49 lb/hp (same as an Enzo)

So you have to ask if the $$ are worth turning your ZL1 into an Enzo eater with better than 400 BHP/HP ???

What you get is a car that eats Ponies & Prancing a fraction of the cost.
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