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Originally Posted by Tigerrag24 View Post
A couple of days ago my son ask why my speedometer wasnt working. I looked down and my digital speedometer was reading 60 but the analog speedometer was at ZERO. The tach was working. A little later the analog speedometer started spontaneously working but was about 4-5 mph slower than the digital speedometer and my GPS. After a stop and turning the car off it worked correctly. However, since then it has intermittently not worked for various lengths of time. Also, on a couple of occassions the tach, the digital speedometer, and the analog speedometer have not worked at the same time. There does not appear to be any pattern as to when they will not work and when the suddenly start working again.
Also, today I noticed that when I open the door there is a continuous clicking noise coming from behind the console (not from the back of the car as in other threads). This clicking last about 2-3 minutes and then stops. If I shut the door and reopen it the clicking starts again. It does this without puting the key in the ignition.
Has anyone else had the problem and does anyone else have a clue as to the fix???? I am calling the dealership tomorrow.

Our dealer discovered a similar problem with my son's SS during PDI. They had to snag a new Instrument cluster (IC) off the assembly line and over night it so my son could take delivery the date on the new was 28 May 2009 which I had written down the P/N. A reflash wasn't the fix.

The dealer was originally going to remove one from a second SS they just received, but GM said that one too "fell into the same VIN range".

So this doesn't appear to be isolated and I'm betting more folks will experience this failure.

Suggest we record VIN's to see how why spread this is. My son's was 4486.

Good luck.
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