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Installation steps can be summarized as follows:

1. Turn the front wheels hard left to provide access to the right front wheel well.

2. Remove the three Torx screws holding the right front plastic fender liner in place.

3. Peel back fender liner, use flashlight to locate the wiring harness connector that feeds the control signals for the markers and DRLs from the chassis to the front fascia. Squeeze chassis-side connector and remove/disconnect from the fascia-side connector.

4. Plug Chassis-side connector into the All-In-One harness, and plug All-In-One harness into the fascia-side connector.

5. At this point, the "trunk" of the All-In-One harness has been connected, and there will be two branches (one long branch for the left side and a much shorter branch for the right side) that need to be routed and connected next.

6. On right side of car, locate the 4-pin connector that is plugged onto the headlight / halo assembly. Squeeze and remove / disconnect.

7. Route the right branch of the All-In-One harness up to the headlight location, and plug the harness into the headlight / halo assembly, then plug the original connector into the All-In-One harness. All connectors are matched pairs, you can't get it wrong.

8. Locate the Right Turn Signal connector and push back the conduit to expose the two wires. The Black one is ground, the other one (blue/white) is the hot one that we need to splice into. Use the supplied 3M scotchlok splice to splice the Turn Signal lead onto the Orange wire of the All-In-One Harness.

9. Repeat steps 6-8 on the left side. The Air Intake box must be opened, Air Filter removed, and intake scoop must be pushed back into the air box to gain access to the Turn Signal wire on the Left side. This is very easy to do.

10. Almost done... Now all that remains is to install the dual Intensity side marker LED lights. On right side, insert flat blade screwdriver into rear of marker light housing and put light inward pressure on the plastic retention finger that is holding the marker firmly in place. Now, insert the blue plastic pry bar included with the All-In-One harness into the small gap between the rear edge of the marker and the front fender. While pushing in with the screwdriver from the back side of the marker, push in with the plastic pry bar until it has sufficient "bite" and leverage to pop out the marker.

11. On the rear of the marker is the lamp holder. Rotate 1/4 Turn counter clockwise and the marker housing can be removed, leaving just the lamp holder.

12. Turn on the parking lights at this point, so the existing lamp is illuminated. Remove the existing lamp, and replace it with the dual-intensity LED light. If the LED light doesn't illuminate, you have it in backwards. Remove, rotate 180 degrees, and re-insert so that it illuminates.

13. Insert the parking light holder back into the marker housing, rotate 1/4 clockwise to lock it into place, then snap the marker assembly back into the front quarter panel.

14. Replace the Marker on the Left Side using the same procedure, and you are done.

No Cutting of Wires, No Soldering required !


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