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Originally Posted by Casper45th View Post
Jordan, are you guys going to the Sturgis rally next year? If so, you bringing that sweet car of your?
We're planning on it! We'll have to see how everything else shapes up in terms of events next year but we're planning on it. You'll have to roll down here for an event next year also!

Originally Posted by MANNYS2SS/RS View Post
Jordan awesome job, sweet looking car...
I appreciate it!! I love my Camaro and it is getting close to be exactly what I want.

Originally Posted by dekan513 View Post
what r u talkin about on the axel , did u just go back with stock or what?
thing looks smooth in the video. looks like hes not fighting the wheel at all.
I'm now running stock axles that Driveshaft Shop modified with better boots, grease and vent tubes. I've been fighting axles issues for a year now and they are finally working great!

The car is dialed in at the track; I couldn't be happier!

Originally Posted by SPCBA View Post
Sweet SIM. Great video I am jealous.
I appreciate it!

Originally Posted by trewyn15 View Post
That is a great looking Camaro and some great work done to her! I love this pic:

Thank you for the kind remarks! I love this picture as well!

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