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AAC is supposed to be picking up the tab on this one, but for some reason I can't seem to get the call tags sent to me. 3 days later and nothing. Supposed to be coming from UPS. My patience is at its end. Normally the installers in the area would charge about 65 an hour in labor, but the installer has been cool about it so far. I know not to take that for granted. Known him for a while and he feels bad about the issues with AAC. Shipping would be about $25 a headlight with insurance if going through USPS.

At this point and time....I wish I had gone the route of TRS or 2SSRS. I definitely know the next time. On Facebook letting every club member and person I know to not do business with AAC.

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And who is paying for the shipping?? How much will these lights have cost you in paying somebody to swap them and just shipping?? It's very easy to do yourself so AACs mistake won't cost you more money. We all know they don't care you don't have a car with no headlights and have to pay somebody to swap them.
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