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Originally Posted by DarkneSS View Post
As I contemplate the performance future of my Camaro, I keep coming back to one problem.

The manual transmission on our 5th gen Camaros just is not up to the job.

Here is a fact for you, the stock tranny on these cars, is UNDER rated for the power output of the LLT.

All the M6 cars, except maybe the newest 2012s and 13s with the carbon syncros, ALL grind 1st to 2nd gear. If yours doesn't grind, you probably just cannot shift fast enough.

Any more power we make, generates more of a problem. The limit is right about what we can make with bolt ons.

All the m6 Forced Induction guys are having to replace their clutches. Clutch, I can understand, that is something that will need to be upgraded on every heavily modded car.

So what is the solution? A built tranny?

In addition, our gear ratios SUCK! 1st gear has a 4.48 ratio! The SS on the other hand has a 3.0! 4.48 is just too damn high! It makes the car a nightmare to launch and I have yet to see ANY M6 car pull better than a 2.0 60'. In fact, has any car done better than my 2.0? Which was on stock tires...

Help me out here people! How do we solve these problems?
There's nothing wrong with our first gear ratio...its perfect. Hit over 40 something MPH before shifting to second. Launches me hard. Can spin the wheels from a 7 to 10 mph roll on, and spin at will from a standing start. Whats wrong with our manual 1st gear??
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