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Originally Posted by OnStar Advisor View Post
Hello Chris1LE,

Congrats on your new 1LE! What color did you go with?

The OnStar system has a 'sleep mode' so if the vehicle hasn't been driven or had the engine ran for a few days then the app will not be able to connect. This may be why you haven't been able to connect. If you still can't connect with your app when you get your beautiful new car just let me know and I'd be happy to make sure everythings working correctly!

-Jessica, OnStar Advisor
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Hi Jessica

My 1LE is Victory Red and looking forward to getting it - its not actually delivered yet - and was just using OnStar with FamilyLink to track its way down from Canada. Worked perfectly yesterday and saw it getting 300 miles closer. However, as you mentioned, it must have gone into sleep mode and I can't track it any more. Is there way to get it out of sleep mode remotely?

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