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Nail in tire

So I went to get into my car the other day, and noticed the pressure was low, I filled it up and just thought that it was because it was really cold out. Well the next day I go out and the tire pressure is at 12! So I inspected the tire, and find that there is a 2 inch nail directly in the tread of the tire. I was trying to think where I could have gotten a nail in my tire, and then I moved my car. And found several nails on the ground. Well then it dawned on me my landlord had been working on building a storage building a few spots down from my spot, and sure enough one of the nails looked like it came out of some drywall that they used for the inside of the building.

I am going to talk to the manager tomorrow about, but what would be my options if they didnt pay for it? I dont think insurance will cover this.

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