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Originally Posted by strych9 View Post
I like it. I disagree with Wheelman regarding the maps; I thought most of them were well done. The weapon balance is off, as it has been with every COD that came before it. They'll patch it to get the balance right, so no worries there. Once my clan was able to actually go online, the matchmaking and gameplay seemed to be smooth and trouble-free.

I do agree with Wheelman regarding the unnaturalness of the weapons; they sound cartoony and weak, as do the explosives. It will take about a half-hour to set up weapons and emblems, etc., as the interface is indeed "busy". Overall though, awesome game.
I don't know if it's just me but I think the game sounds good. Sure the guns aren't realistic but I think everything, especially the explosives, sound awesome on a high quality audio system. Except for the death machine and sentry gun though.

I do agree about the menus. It took some getting used to but I can fly through them now, not as quick as mw3 and blops though.
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