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Originally Posted by SUKXOST View Post
Sorry but no. I'm paying for the labor for my whole build and don't want to add more time or work than necessary as it's going to take 2, maybe into a 3rd day from start to finish. I do THAT, someones going to want to hear what it sound like with the LT's.....then with the CAI too(I bought an intake for a SC and not the stocker so not possible)

See my build thread and you will see that I have a few things going on that are not just a 15min swap. We are going to have to have an itinerary and follow it in order to ensure it's all done right and not hold anything up bc of something else happening. IE: The Pfadt springs and headers will likely be done at the same time someone is working on the injectors; SC and intake. Then add the AI Chiller kit and RX catch can to finish up the parts.

Then freon charge for the kit and sister shops near my build shop...then back to the shop to tune tune tune!

I plan on taking 500 trillion pics and several thousand videos so all is well :P

Build starts 26 Nov and finish 2-3 days later.

Sorry to thread jack! LOL I think I'm the only one to post a 1LE audio vid so far(3 actually) so work with me on this :P
It was a joke dude.... did you notice the ----->

Just can't believe that there are no examples of an LS3 with NPP and headers.... yet.

Good luck with your build. Going to be bad ass.... but I have said that already.
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