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the vinyls i bought from MnP Customs -
they don't have a WHOLE lot for us, but they've got some pretty good prices on what they do have compared to some other sets i've seen and they look like they're pretty good quality from what i've received so far. the fender stripes are definitely a lot cheaper than getting them from GM! they look like they will run all the way down to the wheel well, but careful trimming should take care of that.
tram, i'll definitely be looking at the reverse LEDs in the near future. $230 for the tinted set seems a little steep to me right now, but i'm sure i'll wind up with them eventually
not sure if i'm going to do ambient lighting or not...i'll have to decide on a color first, i guess. not a big fan of blue. i even yanked all the blue lights out of my computer case and replaced them with red, then stuck a couple of uv sticks in there to make the reactive cable wrap look good
the DIY section is great, i managed to find austinjames' thread on exactly how to do the headlights i want earlier tonight. really happy about that
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