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I have a question. Why is that you guys might be the only ones that keep stating its not a good idea to dyno the cars. It seems like every other company that is doing FI is able to dyno and show the power pretty well? I could be confused but it's what I'm seeing
When did I ever say that it is not a good idea to dyno these cars? I just stated what happened during the dyno testing. Baylor's car wanted to break up over 6100 RPM's on the dyno, however, on the street & the track it goes through the entire RPM range at a very conservative air/fuel range. V6owner's car dyno'd at an outside facility around his area in TX, they pulled 305rwhp at the top of the range with false knock.

Dyno numbers mean absolutely nothing in the real world. E/T is what proves it, and we have proved we have the two fastest Supercharged LLT's. Proof's in the E/T, not a dyno number. I tuned KMAGRIZZ's LFX out in Houston two weeks ago on a Dynojet, we saw 341rwhp with 6psi through his automatic converter car (Unlocked).

And yes, Missionboi made over 400whp, so there's your dyno numbers that everyone wants to see
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