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Originally Posted by lscamaro View Post
Ah I see, thanks for the response! Baylor's car was the 13.03 correct? Was that with the slicks and skinnies?
Street DRs.

Originally Posted by CiscoBee View Post
Keeping it "Real World" !!!! 400-500+ on the dyno means nothing if you can't plant that power and get it down the track.
I'd like to have a nice dyno graph just like any other guy, so it can stroke my ego and make my man land bigger. However I realistically know that dyno numbers do not hold much credibility. A while ago I was at an event where they showed how dynos can be manipulated. They took a car and made a pull, then changed some inputs on the dyno and it had an 80 hp swing. Once I saw that I no longer bought into any performance claims shown by dynos

Plus I drive my car on the street and not the dyno, so I'm more concerned with how it performs there. I will say though, that the dyno serves as a great safe environment tuning opportunity.

Anyways just my .02

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