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Originally Posted by Matt @ RX View Post
I have Baylor's here, no idle oscillation on it (Little bit on cold starts like the OEM program does) but nothing once it gets a little heat into it. ANd the idle's been stable, now of course this is an automatic car that may not have the idle dive like a stick would when you clutch in of course.

Past that, on OEM cars or near-stock cars there is no idle problems just dumped two of his tunes in last week to cars we did header and axle back on.

- Matt
Are you sure? I have an auto with a trifecta tune and the idle dive and oscillation is there. I just have never had any problems so let it be? My buddy also has a stock car and he has it too. I know because the first time I heard nuttbutt ask about it, I compared my idle to his and they are the same. The oscillation is there on his stock one too?

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