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It runs!!! After ordring a carb kit from Quadrajet Parts in the U.S., and trying to figure out how to put it all back together (as usual, I tore everything apart 3 weeks ago while waiting for the kit) it started up right away!

When I bought it, the guy did start it, but ran extremely rough, and it only started once.....then we couldn't get it running again. Towed it onto a trailer and brought it home, with the family helping me unload and push it into the garage. (I have such a great family.....they only laughed at me for the first 5 minutes!! )

I have a little more comfort now knowing I didn't buy a complete piece of S*^T!!!

Runs a little to high on idle, but that will be an easy fix. The engine is burning a bit of oil, but that didn't surprise more thing to source....just need to decide if I'm going to rebuild this one or chose more HP....decisions, decisions!!

Time to load it onto the hoist and start on the suspension, steering, and brakes, and exhaust (depending on if I keep the original 305 or not though).

Anyways, thought I'd throw an update out there!! I'm stoked!!
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