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Originally Posted by thebeast916 View Post
Squash is the way I'm going. Last thing I want is something going wrong at wot. Just need to watch the air/fuel gauge more closely now
isnt that a dual pump set-up? That is also asking for trouble, one pump fails and kaboom goes the motor.

I think most people are having problems due to poorly designed kits/wiring and not having the pump speed controller which is a must with an A1000 or bigger on the street.

To the OP, how much power are you making? The A1000 is rated at 1000bhp with FI on a fuel injected motor per aeromotive's website, that should be around 850rwhp. You could try to set your base fuel pressure at 50psi and do the pull one more time, the pump probably cant flow that much fuel at that high of a pressure.

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