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Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
Nice build thread. I noticed your yellow breather the filter was all brownish, was that from oil or dirt? My breather is starting to turn that color and I'm pretty sure it is the oil, I wonder if I have to remove that orifice thing everyone keeps talking about and drill bigger holes.
thanks bro! but yes that was from the oil and dirt. i guess i need to do that too, i just need some instructions

Originally Posted by SNK View Post
I got my 2LT at 16 too! I am so grateful for everything my father has done as well and has put up with me wanting to mod a brand new car.
Thats awesome! most kids our age are ungrateful brats that arnt appreciative of anything but sounds like we have the best parents

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
Any dyno numbers?
Not yet, waiting until i get my ported intake manifold and then i will put it on the mustang dyno here at SS performance in Tallahassee

Originally Posted by Kartashian View Post
Looking good man!! Keep up the good work.
Thanks man! love the stripes on your car, looks sinister
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