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Originally Posted by Runawayhacker View Post
So when I am idle, a faint whistling sound can be heard. I have asked about this in the past and thought it was simply my CAI causing the noise. However, the other night I noticed that it only happens when the steering wheel has no pressure applied to it.

For example, if I am stationary pointing straight ahead and the wheel is straightened out as well, the whistling can be heard As soon as I turn the wheel, the noise disappears. I can't tell if this is the case when the car is in motion as there is too much ambient noise to drown it out.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts on what it could be?
We apologize for the frustrations you may be experiencing. Have you had a chance to go to a dealership for a proper diagnosis? They should be able to pinpoint the concern you are having.

Please let us know!

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