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I can't see the tires having a problem if one uses better judgement in the cold.

I'd like to know the truth as to how those tires cracked like that....I'm sure it would go a little something like this:

"I was just pooting along at 45mph in my zl1, because that's what zl1 owners do, and they just all cracked!!! I swear!!!" ...

In my eyes if I REALLY can't drive 400 dollar a pop tires because of cold, then they simply arent worth the money...and this is not to forget they sure dont last very long in the summer either, even if you're the human equivalent of veal behind the wheel.

I love the 1le car and I really want to order it soon. But this tire story may ruin it for me and make me order a 2ss and get it right on my own. Chevy should offer an ASR alternative even if it isnt as good on a track.
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