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Originally Posted by SRFnSNO View Post
It is a 60 Gig with movie.
Have no movie loaded; but have 52Gig of music in a single music Dir.
From what I have been reading the Camaro will only recognise smalled segments. If I understand Correctly.

So for My I pod to be Reconised by the Camaro I will need to make up Play lists?
No, if you're using an iPod, you don't need to worry about creating playlists. The Camaro will see all of the music. It sounds like you might not be using iTunes to load the music on your iPod though. For the iPod to function correctly, you need to load all of the music using iTunes. That helps it create its index of music which the Camaro then reads. You might have to erase everything on the iPod and load it over again if you just dragged and dropped the files onto the iPod using Explorer or My Computer. As long as when you plug it into iTunes it shows all of your songs, it should work when you hook your USB cable up to the car.
I work for GM and I designed the interface for the Camaro USB and Bluetooth audio streaming interface. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about how the USB or Bluetooth works!

Check out my videos on YouTube here. Let me know if you'd like to see any other type of video.
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