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Originally Posted by Mgizzle View Post
Why are you going wider in the rear for winter, you will get less traction? Narrower is better for winter and snow. Pressure equals force over area. If you go narrower your contqct patch area is smaller, ur force is same because that is weight of vehicle. Hence, ur pressure on the contact patch is higher now which is good in slippery situations. Ur drag is also lower in deep snow with the narrower tire, providing better stability.
90% of the reason is not bc I think wider is better bc that's not the case. It's well known that the 1LE stock tires are HORRIBLE in cold weather and they won't last too long.

I'm mainly doing it for two reasons:
1: Save tread for my stockers for next year
2: The Continentals I got are high performance ALL WEATHER tires and have stellar reviews and will only use throughout the winter
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