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Kutch720, DITTO,
our VR has the same problem, it is an alignment problem, take a piece of paper, slide it in the gap by the side marker then slide it up, when you get to where the paint is peeling it is tight. Ours looks like the paint is "tore" I saw our the first day we saw the car, told them I wanted it fixed, but later just incase they break something when taking the bumper off, I don't want there to be an issue of not getting parts.
A friend of mine paints cars and he said he would not have the whole bumper painted, way too many issues with color matching. If you look close the color on the plastic parts is a little different shade than the red on the metal. He actually said they should fix the mis allignment problem, then have them sand with 800 grit and paint that edge (which is really all it is) with paint and clear mixed. He said this would be better than the whole bumper cover baing painted.

Kutch 720, is yours on both sides of the car in the exact same location? ours is, I first thought it was maybe how they held the cover while placing it on the car. let me know what your dealer says, PM me. Ours definately said they would fix it and it would take longer to take the bumper cover off than to fix it, but I have not spoken to the bodyshop guy to ask "how" he planned on fixing it.

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