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Yeah, I'm not overly impressed with Balise either. I touched base with them, and they told me that they were marking up MSRP, and they were not accepting the GM Supplier discount. So I crossed them off my list. A week later I get an email at work from them, asking why I have not come down to see them. I told them that I have quotes from other dealers at MSRP who are accepting the supplier discount, so why should I spend more money at Balise for the same car? Then I got a phone call asking if I had that pricing in writing, which I do, and then I was told to come down to the dealership, because they don't turn away any offer, and maybe we could work something out. Then they started with the typical salesman BS, and at that point I was done. They said "we'll call you in a week and see how things are going." I told them not to call unless they were going to offer at minimum MSRP and the supplier discount. Needless to say, I was never called back.
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