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Originally Posted by camarohwk23 View Post
Here's a very dumb question for you Camaro owners up north, but why would you take off your tires for the winter when storing? Again, sorry I know but I'm from deep south Texas and have never had that problem. Thinking about it, I went to The Ohio State University for 4 years during college and owned a 99 Camaro and never did that or heard about any one doing that.
Applies to the Goodyear Supercar tires on the ZL1. According to Goodyear they shouldn't be stored at less than 20F. And if they get that cold, must be slowly warmed to over 40F over 24hrs.

So you really can't just warm them back up in cold temps by driving them, you'd be risking surface cracks. Super soft performance tires can have cracking problems if taken from too cold to warm too fast.

Hanging the suspension using jackstands isn't going to be a problem. I'd either use jackstands or a spare set of tires/wheels for winter storage. And stick the ZL1 tires somewhere heated for the winter.

From a Goodyear Supercar tire bulletin:
Tire Storage

Follow the general tire storage recommendations in Product Service Bulletin 2010-21, Proper Procedures for the Storage of Tires. Further, it is recommended for these tires to be stored indoors at temperatures above 20 deg F (-7 deg C) when not in use. If the tires have been subject to 20 deg F (-7 deg C) or less, let them warm up in a heated space to at least 40 deg F for 24 hours or more before installation or driving the vehicle. Inflate the tires only after they have been warmed above 40 deg F (5 deg C). Do not place tires near heaters or heating devices used to warm the room where the tires are stored. Do not apply heat or blow heated air directly on the tires. Always inspect tires before use after storage periods as outlined in the Proper Procedures for the Storage of Tires bulletin.
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