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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
The value is in the desire of the individual that makes the money and spends it the way they desire, for the end result they desire...We had some clown on here under multiple acct's that was trying to tell me that if I could truly afford my car and what I've spent on it, I would have a Ferrarri or Lambo... but here's the truth... I like the Camaro, always have, always will... It's my car, my money, my desires and no one else s...European rattle box's don't do anything for me... They are for white collar guys that hold their pinkies out and wear silly looking hats and gloves while driving... I'm way to working class for that...

And as for the comment about the ZL1, feel free to go and get one... and I'll run you in the arena my car is designed for... Hennessey proved they can go 203... but it took 1.7 miles to accomplish that... I've been faster and did it in about 3/4's of a mile... blew a head gasket and still coasted through the finish line of the mile at 197...

I've sat in a few ZL1's, and they are amazing cars, no doubt... fast in a multitude of arenas... solid... etc.... I would love to have one for a daily driver and may some day... so I can leave my lowly SS for weekend runs...
again i was only trying to make a point, in some different light . and i completely understand your look on the camaro. good to have some different view points ya know
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