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So I guess it's making a bit more sense to me why they cost what they do.

I do feel like $6000-$8000 for FI can put one just that much closer to a ZL1. (Plus other mods that might come along). Yes, a ZL1 might not be the ultimate in what can be attained with mods to an SS but it does give you a really nice starting point from which to yet modify it for more.

So let me take this in a little different direction...

Ignoring labor costs, how far can one *realistically* go with non-FI modifications, keeping the car with reasonable drivability and reliability for a mostly daily driver? What kind of money are we talking here? How much hp can we gain going in this direction?

It does seem like FI would give the best overall drivability vs an extreme cam narrowing the power band, etc.


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