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Only a couple issues today to be resolved tomorrow:
1-Since there is no power steering pump anymore...the belt that came with the TVS was WAY too big......Jessika @ Supercharger Connections called and gave us guidance to shave a couple mm's from the fuel rail to ensure clearance and we got a part number for a shorter belt and belt routing info.
2-the stock O2 sensors would NOT...I repeat.....NOT come out! 4 of them there and with back breaking effort along with a breaker bar...not one would budge at all. We assume there was some welding "sparks" that somehow locked them all in. I had to order new ones for my new headers :(
3-I wanted to powdercoat my strut bar & bolts since I confirmed that it will clear the TVS....and the shop that said they could have it done for me... (40 mins away) would not answer the phone. Finally they called me back and I'll drop off tomorrow

Otherwise it went pretty smooth and I got to do quite a bit myself as well so that was cool to be a part of the build and learn a lil bit.
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