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Do you even lift, bro?
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Lowered on Pfadts 1-1 1/4":

About to recharge AC unit for AI Chiller:

ADM Scoop installed(different view):

Catch can and breather installed:

.....FINALLY(only an INITIAL dyno tune....plenty more tomorrow and #'s will change as these two pulls are on 12lbs.)

(red pull was very first pull and we let off early as numbers didnt look right...subtle changed garnered the blue pull #s)

AGAIN....tomorrow will be 10 or less lbs and retuning for safety but Jeff Creech @ Carolina Auto Masters thinks we will have similar numbers with less boost and more timing....time will tell.

By the way......the 1LE fuel pump is MORE than enough to easily push enough through the FIC 850s. (was at like 50% duty cycle if I remember right)

LONG day and I forgot to get a pic of the boost gauges, sorry. :(
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