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Originally Posted by F4st1DiO View Post
I'll be in touch... at this moment I can't buy from autohouse because the Camaro will cost me about 31000 € because of Italian VAT (20%).

At this moment I'm looking for a Dealer that is able to sell a new Camaro as used. This is possible using some tricks, like stock of car 5 months old and running the cars on test rolls until 6000 km...

My friend/colleague who already bought imported cars know one of these dealers. In these days I'm waiting for a price of a 2LT, yellow with sunroof, RS package, Rally stripes.

Here in Italy with 25000 USD (19000 EUR) you can't buy a car like a Camaro.
A cons is that a camaro need a lot of fuel, and here at this moment the gasoline cost 1,29 Euro/litre (1 litre = 0.26 gal) so is very expansive.

guess a Zl1 is outta the question it eats gas
Immagino che la zl1 fuori questione mangia benzina

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