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So I finally got rid of that nasty, water filled headlight and updated my lighting a bit. Finished it myself today. It wasn't terrible but it took quite a bit of work (for me anyway). I love it so far! Looks tons better in person. The pics don't do it much justice. Now all I have to do is install my Flashtech colorshift halo fogs!

I was never going to do much with lighting. It wasn't that I didn't like the options but that I was happy with the RS HID's/halos. But out of necessity (the first pic below) I needed to put in a whole new light anyway. I figured while the bumper was off I might as well add some colorshift. I also changed the HID's to 8000k bulbs. I like the way they look a lot. Maybe a little bluer tint but I really haven't compared them to the stock bulbs yet. I'll get better pics of my halos soon, but I had to get a couple right after I finished install.

I also spruced up my upper and lower grilles to make them new looking again without using Adam's products. The finish on them turned gray and chalky looking (probably used too much car wash chemicals/soap on them ) so I would use Adam's In and Out spray weekly to keep them looking new but it would wash off when I washed the car or if it rained. Looks new again (without Adam's)!! Although, I am going to do a bit more on the lower grille. Not a hard thing to do though...especially with the front bumper off.
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