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I don't know if there is a difference on the 12 to 13 on the exhaust? Like I said the passenger side would not fit on the stock hanger at first, driver side fit fine. I had to lop off X2 different times on the pass side during fitment, all most 2 inches. Also the lines for the stock are hard lines and do not bend, I had some spare windshied washer hose with a t tap, used this to plum from the controller/reservior (not the one from front to back) to the actuators, ran it along the back of bumber and Zip stripped into place. The actuators are on the inside pipes, were as the stocks are on the outside? Tin along the tunnel cover Driver side had to be bent and cooling line on pass side had to bent upwards a little for clearance (did not want so close to pipe). So not sure if there is a difference, my invoice said 2012 ZL1 Bi Modal exhaust?
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