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Fergie's 2012 1LT/RS

Hello Everyone,

Here is my story about my 2012 1 LT/RS Camaro. I purchased my Camaro in January 2012, I traded in a 2011 Mustang for the Camaro. The Mustang was my husbandís car that he traded an F-150 for in June of 2011. I was so mad when he bough that Mustang because he knew for years I have been talking about getting a Camaro. I have a 2006 Lincoln Navigator that was going to be paid off in July of 2012 and said as soon as this truck is paid off I am buying a Camaro J Well I guess he got tried of hearing me talk about getting a Camaro he offered me the BEST DEAL EVER J He told me to take the Mustang and trade it in for a Camaro and he would take my Navigator.. (The Navigator is the family vehicle). So one night we went to the dealer ship and I bought my Camaro.
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Here is the 2011 Mustang that was traded in.
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Since then I have only had a few mods that I have done but have so many ideas of future mods

The funny thing is my husband has been my own personal

The first Mod he did for me was put on the Splash Guards

Second Mod Quarter Panel Window Louvers

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Third Mod ( Black Caliper Covers and Wheel Lables
Wheel Off
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My own personal touch

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Next one was my exhaust Upgrade. MRT 2.0 video is by Apex Motorsports.

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Most recent mod is the New Heritage Grill that my husband bought me for our 15 year anniversary and he installed

Front end off
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Heritage Grill On
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