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Originally Posted by el ess X View Post
Ok, so I got to ask, if no headers (assume they're coming?), then what would be the point of this exhaust if it's "quieter" than stock? Or does it flow better? I know the claim is 7 or 8 hp, but is it worth the hefty price tag?

Just askin', don't shoot me.
I called Billy Boat because I had some questions as I was considering getting it but had the same concerns as you of why pay that kind of money if it isn't going to make it a noticeable difference louder. I was told that there are 2 sides of the muffler; one that is close to stock loudness but sounds more "muscley" and the other that is straight through but with dampening to create a good tone without drone which is much much louder than stock. He suggested getting the mild to wild switch installed at the same time so that you can control when open if you want. I asked if they had any data on the deicbel comparison between theirs and stock(since they have that data on their website for some of their other systsems); but he said they haven't done that yet.
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