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F/S: 2001 SS M6 - 40k miles

It's time for me to send my SS down the road. I'm changing careers and will be out of town most of the time, so I'm scaling back, moving back into my small condo, selling most of my stuff and losing some storage space in the process.

I have not had this car for long at all, and it's lived in the garage the entire time. I got it from a friend who's a GM tech, and he also stored it indoors and only put about 1k miles on it in the short time he had it. It was a trade in at his dealership, and I think he got a good deal on it. He gave me a good deal on it too, and since I sorta just want to get out of it for what I got into to it for, the price is $10,500 firm. That's below private party Blue Book value in fair condition ($11,260), and it's way nicer than fair.

It has a few aftermarket things: Spohn lowers and panhard bar, Optima redtop battery, a CAI, SLP Loudmouth exhaust, a short shifter, and I think an LS1 Hot Cam.

The picture there shows it with no emblems, but they're on now. The guy I got it from got the emblems through his dealership, so they're genuine GM parts. I also have a grill insert without the plate holder, but haven't put it on yet.

It needs a couple things to be PERFECT perfect (bumper cover touchups and a tune, I think for the cam), but I still feel like it's a super deal for such a car. It's located in Southwest Florida. Email me at for the quickest response. Thank you.
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