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thread update reply...

I stumbled on this thread and couldn't help but keep reading, as I have the internal A1000 as well. In fact, I'm on my 3rd one.

1st pump: siphon tube failure (same as shown in pics posted here)

2nd pump: failed to pump consistantly in hot weather. Apparently the return fuel was vapor locking (getting HOT!)

3rd pump: So far so good. Now I have a FPCM hooked up to reduce pump noise and prolong the life.

My 2 cents on these: The A1000 pump is a powerhouse unit that will support the 1000hp motor no problem. BUT... you have to have it plumbed and wired perfectly for it to not cause issues. With my dilemmas on these pumps, Jared at Aeromotive has very supportive in trying to make things right and get me going on the reliabililty track. He also recommends an inline fuel cooler on the RETURN SIDE. I haven't done that yet. If I can't get the reliability from this 3rd pump and controller...I'm moving on to other options.

Time will tell.
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