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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Needs Lowering
Pete- it's funny you mention that, as I was installing my new red calipers I thought how nice it would be to have some RED Pedders lowering springs on there too! If you want ot send me a PM with some info, I would appreciate it!

Originally Posted by Taser Deployed View Post
Ok is it just me but every ZL1 I have seen with aftermarket wheels seems like it sits higher than with the stock wheels? Racebum's car looked the same way. Does anyone else notice this? The car looks lowered with the stock wheels but aftermarket not so much.
I will say that my photos were taken immediately after lowering the car off jack stands that it has been sitting on for a week. Once I drove it a little it settled back down. However, I do agree that it does not look as good as the stock setup.

Originally Posted by BlkSlvrdo129 View Post
Did you ever weigh those TSWs?
I think they are around 23lbs for the front, 24.5 for the back. I know they were substantially lighter than my stock SS wheels, but I couldn't give a comparison to the ZL1 10-spokes. Mainly this is because I have heavy winter tires mounted on them now, so it's hard to judge. The combo is definitely heavier that the stock wheels and tires.
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