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Originally Posted by bpdcop100 View Post
I had 11 miles on it when I picked it up election night and now have 1800 miles on it. The tire issue is onlt getting worse. I am in Maryland and the mornings are getting closer to 32 degrees. I am surprised there is not more talk about the lack of grip. I might be one of the few who use this car every day.
This issue has been discussed several places within the 1LE forum. There is a TSB by Goodyear to avoid driving on them at temperatures under 40 degrees. Lack of grip, but also cracking of the tread. I don't think the dealers have been told about this, but they should talk about it to everyone who gets a 1LE. It also says not to store the tires below 20.

On the plus side, you can do massive powerslides....
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