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Originally Posted by Ivan @ Southwest Speed View Post
There are a few distinct differences that I can help shed some light on right off the bat as to why LG's are a bit more $ and why they are a better quality wheel:

1.) The LG ZR28's are a pressure cast wheel so they are made of a denser material.

2.) Because of this this they will be Lighter and Stronger than a normal casting like the other replica wheels seen on ebay and the likes.

3.) The ZR28s are crash tested. That in itself speaks volumes. You want your wheels to be able to hold the brakes when and if needed in situations where safety is paramount. LG Motorsports RACES what they sell. Period.

4.) Built by a company that does GM OEM wheels. So you know it's not just a wheel that "replicates" a GM wheel for looks.

5.) OEM like finish. It will last and perform just like the original.

While there are certainly cheaper options out there, it's known that those wheels will be sold to a certain demographic of customer.

Hope this helps clear the air about some of the differences out there....

hope this explains you guys thinking the other vendor has better quality.. Factory reproductions stuff is made in china btw. Also, just look at the pictures between the two right now and its pretty obvious i mean come on.
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