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Originally Posted by Triton2110 View Post
I am new to this sight and had some questions regarding my 69 Camaro Coupe. This is an original complete numbers matching car that is in need of everything.
(1) I decoded it to be a factory 327 powerglide, however the fenders had 350 badging?
(2) Also has the chrome fish gills, wheel well chrome, and rocker chrome. which I did not think came with the coupe package?
(3) What is everyones thoghts on the restotration of this car. restore back to all orginal (frost grren car with green intertior) or Clone it into the Camro of my choice. (RS SS 396 or Z28 RS) If I clone I would keep all the original drive train.

I want to be sure I am doing the right thing when I restore her. This will be a full rotisserie restoration.

I am looking forward to your reponse.
If it wasn't a real SS or Z28, but a plain sport coupe a restomod or clone would be your best bet. Some of them if done correctly still bring big bucks. Not as much as a real one but those are few and far between any more. As long as you make sure and not represent it as a origonal car you will be ok to do it. My inclination would to build to look like a 69 SS Hugger Orange with white stripes. this is always been my favorite 69.
Just build it like one you would have bought yourself if you were buying a new 69 today. That way you will be happiest. Remember any parts that are on the car now that you decide not to reuse, Keep and when you sell the car let them go with it. As they say. If it's not on the car its in the trunk.

here is a reference site you could look at.
Good luck with your project!
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