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We considered a similar approach for the All-In-One harness but decided to optimize this version of the design for Camaro RS owners that are using factory side markers. The dual intensity LEDs included in our kit match the rear factory side markers extremely well when in normal night time operating mode, and they are of course brighter than the stock rear markers when using high intensity mode to signal turns.

For Camaro RS owners who have installed high intensity LED side markers from one of the vendors selling them here, the simplest near term solution is to cut the power signal feed to each of the rear markers and insert a series resistor to limit the current and reduce the intensity. This has the added benefit of "dimming down" the high intensity LED side markers slightly during normal night time operation, as they are typically quite bright.

EDIT: We now offer the LED Sidemarker Version of the All-In-One Harness, designed specifically for Camaro RS owners with aftermarket LED sidemarkers -- including the Ghosted and Tinted types.

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