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Originally Posted by rare991 View Post
I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for. if you want the cheaper wheels then go for it...... put dont get mad when the quality isn't what you expected.
Originally Posted by mgaspari View Post

I believe in that same a certain degree. better explain my point of view...I'll use something as simple as an example.

There are ALOT of price differences in clothing.

Some of the cheapest are just jeans, shirts, shoes..etc.....and you can spot that by looking at the way that they're made, stitched and the materials used.

But..there are quality shirts, shoes and jeans at a much lower price point than what some of these other "Designer" brands cost....too.

You won't find me buying $250+ blue jeans or $200+ T Shirts or $500+ tennis shoes...because there are very high quality examples of all of these items at a fraction of the cost of some of the high dollar "Brand" named items.

So I'm going to buy the ones that are quality made and sold at a reasonable price point.

If there are true quality differences that can be stated and shown WITH EVIDENCE to back those claims up.....well then I'd be open to such a large price difference..

When I think of ACTUAL quality differences, I think of things like one wheel is Forged while the other is Cast.....or one wheel has poor machining/casting marks on it...balance issues, fitment issues, finish issues......etc.

I don't see any of these types of differences in the posted pictures of both examples.

I'd like to see more facts...with actual proof...substantiating the reasons why these wheels costs nearly double what the others are going to be priced at....not just a blind statement about quality.

I know that nobody owes me an explanation for anything...but if statements are going to be made about inferior build quality or material quality or finishes...I'd like to see them backed up with something other than words.

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